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Unique Homemade Repellents

Not everyone has time to go to the store and purchase an effective animal repellent. For those that are looking for a temporary way to remove animals from their property, there are a number of home remedies that work with varying degrees of success that you can use to keep these furry visitors away.

Homemade repellents
Human Hair

Strange but true, human hair has made a moderately effective temporary animal repellent. To make this deterrent, all you need to do is put large quantities of hair into something that breathes, like nylon, and hang it near your garden. Curious animals, especially deer and rabbits, smell the scent of humans from the hair and avoid the area since that smell usually means danger. Hair may need to be replaced after numerous heavy rains.

Bar Soap on a Rope

Many farmers believe that placing bar soap on a rope and hanging it in your garden will also deter animals. This method is sometimes effective, but it may have to do with the scents of the soap rather than the soap itself. Still, it is an easy method to try with any bar of soap you have lying around the house.

Pepper Homemade Repellent

You can also create your own animal repellent concoction using very hot powdered peppers. Chili pepper powder or Habanero peppers all work well, and there are many hot sauces with greater “scoville units” (the standard of measurement for spiciness of hot sauces) that you can use as well.

Mix it in with water and sprinkle it around the yard. The smell alone may keep the animals away, and since most creatures like to taste before they try anything, the burning sensation on their tongue is enough to keep them from nibbling on your greenery.

All three of these homemade animal repellents need to be refilled over time, so all of them should be considered temporary solutions to preventing animals from entering your property, rather than permanent solutions or as an alternative to some of the better known animal repellent systems. But what make these options helpful is that most of these ingredients you can easily get your hands on, so you can start deterring these animals safely as you look for a more permanent solution.

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