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Use a Rabbit Repellent and Save Your Garden Today

Bountiful vegetation with blooming flowers, ferns interspersed with a little bit of landscaping is a reflection of the hard work that has gone into the making of your garden. The bunnies’ roundabout is also eagerly waiting till the welcome darkness of night falls to dine out at your open air super restaurant. While you are comfortably cuddled up on your bed the bunnies may have a ball at your expense and you would see the results of their drunken stupors only when you get up the next morning. What a mess! Anyway, this was not the first time they did this and you, while thinking how to get rid of rabbits, are determined that they will not get another time.

If you don’t want a recurrence of a similar situation, and if you like to have the flowers blooming and your vegetation thriving without any such mishaps, here are some rabbit repellent options that you may try out to good effect.


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How to Get Rid of rabbits

There are several bio-degradable products to choose from that target the pests’ natural inclinations to run for their lives when exposed to danger. Most of these products have a 60-day effective period so that you need to reapply only once in two months. Most animals have systems of highly developed sensory organs that warn them when danger is lurking near. Depending on the pest you are targeting, the manufacturers of these products come out with the perfect solutions by making granules or sprays that give out the scent and odor of the particular pest’s dreaded predator. For the bunny of course it is Mr. Fox and Mr. Wolf. If you can manage to have the scents and odors of even one of them emanating from your garden on a consistent basis, then of course bunnies will not come even within hundred yards this side of your fence. They will never attempt to burrow their way into your garden from under your fences either.

Select a Safe Rabbit Repellent

When you are selecting the particular rabbit repellent best suited for your purposes, you have to make sure that it is a repellant suitable for scaring away rabbits. Next you have to check whether the particular spray is safe for you and your family and pets that you may be rearing and the plants you are having in the garden including any vegetables for your consumption. You have to check the exact effective period so you can ensure that the cycle is continued without any gaps and breaks.  

If the label on the package does not specifically indicate rabbit prominently, make sure that it is effective against these little critters before you purchase. There are also rabbit repellent water sprinklers with sensor-activated sprays for your choice. Some sprays and granules exploit senses of smell and taste both to keep the intended pests out of bounds. Even if some pests happen to come into your garden due to the waning off of the scent due to some reasons, still the bitter taste will make them go away without harming your plants.

None of these rabbit repellent options is that hard on your budget considering the benefits to be accrued. Think of the massive cost if the bunnies were to steal another drunken night out at your garden!



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