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Bird Repellents

Beautiful, inspiring and lively music makers as they are, they can sometimes be your greatest pests too. They destroy your produce and spread deadly diseases. This is where bird repellents come in. If you encounter any pest problem with birds, you can’t help but take evasive action to safeguard your interests, which may at times assume ruthless proportions.


  Bird repellents for you bird issues

Bird Repellents for Roof Pigeons  


Birds like to be perched on high-elevated points for their entitlement of a bird’s view of the surroundings for survival, and food. Pigeons show a special liking to live closer to human habitations for easy food among other things. History shows us that pigeons are useful in carrying messages over difficult territory, the reason why they are accredited with the symbol of peace. They breed very fast and live in groups of large numbers on rooftops, lawns and back gardens. Apart from their litter, and small feathers floating about, pigeons are a big nuisance for most of us. Bird repellents like weatherproof spike products can make it uncomfortable for birds to alight on them and stay for more than a few seconds, but to cover large spaces like rooftops it is quite costly. Use of some sound deterrents and sticky bird gels that they hate to keep their feet on are two other alternatives. 


How to get rid of Small Birds Nesting in Households 


Some small birds find the ceiling eaves roof canopies ideal for their nesting purposes. To get rid of them, you have to take more drastic steps like destroying their nets without a trace. A possible preventive measure is to block entry into the eaves with some plastic type wire netting (to withstand corrosion and decay) or the application of sticky bird repellents gel on beams. 


Repelling Geese 


Geese with their massive body size can make a mess of your backyards and lawns in next to no time. A “Goose Chase Sonic” scares them away by emitting a sound emulating the distress call of geese. Some people employ a scarecrow generally hooked on to a garden hose to shoot water on detection of sound. It is expensive to install and causes practical problems because it cannot identify the source of sound. A product made of grape extract called Migrate can be applied on the grass, the taste of which the geese cannot stand. 


Getting rid of Woodpeckers  


Woodpeckers don’t peck at surfaces to sharpen their long sturdy beaks, but for finding food, to carve out a cavity for a nest; or sometimes as a signal for mating. Whatever it is, they can cause a lot of harm. If there is a woodpecker that has taken a liking for pecking away at your home, quick action is needed to repel it to avoid more severe damage. A supersonic bird chaser could be useful as much as some visual bird repellents like scare eye balloons and diverters. A Mylar tape could teach it a bitter lesson.


Bird Repellents for Pool Birds 


Some birds frequent pool sides for various reasons where repellents like bird gels or spikes cannot be used. Your best bet under such circumstances is a weatherproof sound deterrent like supersonic bird repellents that can be programmed to scare away different kinds of birds by emitting distress calls of their own species or shrieks of their predators. 

  • Crow repellents
    The crow is not a pleasant bird to look at, or to hear or even have near. Its name is derived from the noises it makes similar to “caw” or “crow”. So read about how to scare crows away.
  • Seagull repellents
    For those living in coastal areas, sea gulls are causing considerable problems, and that’s why they keep looking for good seagull repellent measures.
  • Pigeon repellents
    Private property owners too could rid themselves of a growing big headache by applying some of these pigeon repellent methods as described below that have already achieved successful results for many others.

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