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Crows: How to scare crows away.

The crow is not a pleasant bird to look at, or to hear or even have near. Its name is derived from the noises it makes similar to “caw” or “crow”. The noise it makes too is highly unpleasant to the ear and it is a revolting bird as far as almost all human beings are concerned. 

Crows like to be in groups of at least half a dozen or more. Small groups combine to form larger groups that make very big din. They can lift small animals and pets like few days old chicks, kittens and rabbits etc., and constantly attract the wrath and disgust of the humans.

There is some wind-driven machinery that you can use as crow repellent to frighten away crows in the form of miniature windmills and horse rattles. But they have their effect only for a short period, and soon the crows become wiser, so much so, that they even dare to perch on these machines and crow at their installers after some time!


    Crow repellents


Types of crow repellents

The Scarecrow

A scarecrow is a crow repellent mannequin or some makeshift object dressed like a human being and placed in agricultural fields to scare away crows and other birds from eating the produce. Crows cannot be frightened that easily and most people put a gun like object also in the hands of the scarecrow for better effect. Crows know the power of a gun having seen some of their comrades fall dead with the sound of a gun. By actually firing a gun now and then in the air, you can maintain that fright in them.

Modern scarecrows are seldom dressed like humans. Sometimes it is a water hose that is activated by either motions or sounds and fires a high pressure spray in the direction of its signals. Though it does not hurt any animals, it has a good effect on scaring away not only the crows, but also many other critters such as raccoons, squirrels, deer, cats and dogs.  In certain farmlands they tie aluminum PET film ribbons with highly reflective surfaces to plants, which shimmer in all directions as plants are swayed by the wind. Some scarecrows are given automatic noise guns to make explosive sounds with propane gas. There are other crow repellent techniques associated with the scarecrow concept like lighting fireworks, blowing of sirens, strobe lights, and playing music and radio talks to create the impression of human presence in the field.

Perch Repellants

Crows are present in multitudes in urban areas where they are the number one pest. In many households they install perch repellants (spikes and sharp needles) on rooftops as crow repellent to make perching difficult or impossible, so that they have fewer places for resting and spying for any type of food and garbage. In the countryside where crows are not as populous as in towns crow control is not so difficult. The, farmers don’t hesitate to shoot these scavenger pests, whereas firing a gun in towns could make you liable for arrest. 

Bird Repellants

With over thousands of bird repellants available in the market, one brand stands out and that is Bird-X, which is an eco friendly environmentally safe non-lethal harmless product that only repels birds without causing any physical harm. You can safely use it as a crow repellent.

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