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Use Repellent Patches for Outdoor Activities

For those people who love gardening or being in nature, there will be a need to repel insects. Some solutions are harsh, smelly sprays. Another solution is a repellent patch. The advantage to the convenient insect repellent patch is that there is no body spray, lotion needing to be rubbed all over your body, and the patch has an easy application. Repellent patches are fast becoming a popular alternative to other types of insect repellents.

  Repellent patches

Natural, Organic Compounds

Repellent patches are organic, natural methods to repel nasty insects while outdoors. Most popular insect repellents contain DEET (chemical name N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide). Repellent patches contain 75mg of Thiamine which is a natural vitamin. The vitamin is rarely consumed by food, and the body is only in need of small dosages throughout the day. Additionally, a repellent patch need only be applied to one, small area on the body. Other insect repellents such as sprays or creams only take effect on areas where they are applied making it difficult to guarantee that all parts of the body are covered from insect bites.

Although small dosages are only used for regular metabolic activity, your body can properly eliminate the extra vitamin dosage which makes repellent patches non-toxic. The trick to this type of technology is that the excess Thiamine is excreted through the urine, breath, and most importantly the skin. This gives the wearer of the repellent patches a natural, organic way to repel insects. The insects dislike the smell of the excess Thiamine that is excreted through the body’s skin, so they decline the opportunity to bite the wearer. This, of course, leaves the repellent patch user free from harmful insect bites.

Repellent Patch Application

To properly apply a repellent patch, the wearer must place the patch on clean, dry skin at least two hours prior to any outdoor activity. It is important to give the patch time to take effect, or you may find yourself with some insect bites within the two hours between application and effectiveness.

After proper application and the given time for a repellent patch to take effect, it can be viable for up until thirty six hours. If camping, hiking, or any other ongoing outdoor activity, the user needs to apply a new repellent patch. A new repellent patch can be applied after taking off the previous patch which should be after about twenty four to thirty six hours. It is recommended to apply a new repellent patch in a different location on the skin. This will ensure that any unknown allergies will not affect the skin if constant application to the same area is done.

When camping, gardening, hiking, climbing, or going on any trip that requires many hours outdoors consider using a repellent patch. The natural, organic, and non-toxic method is 100% safe even for toddlers to use. With the sweat from activity, it will not lose effectiveness like spray repellents. Keep yourself and your family safe through natural repellent patches, and make sure simple insect repellents are not an issue during fun activities.


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