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Bee Repellents for Keeping Bees Away


There are numerous species of bees found across almost all continents. Bees are most attracted to flowering plants and all sweet smelling substances. Ideally, a bee repellent is a commercial product that protects you from bees. However, you can also come across various homemade remedies that could act as an excellent bee repellent.


How to Overcome Bees 


Bees are stinging insects and their sting can prove painful and dangerous. You can educate yourself on simple facts about bees. This proves beneficial at reducing your fears about bees. If you find a bee flying around you, relax and do not swat at it. Swatting causes bee to feel you are attacking it and it turns aggressive. Being relaxed causes bee to move away from you. Also, gather information about any bee repellent that proves easy to use.  


Bee repellents

Bees are attracted to all sweet-smelling substances like sweet vegetables, open meats, sweets, and similar others. Similarly, even perfumes attract bees due to their sweet fragrance. Keeping away such things in closed containers or refrigerators can act as a natural bee repellent.


If you kill a bee accidentally, and if a bee nest is close by, other bees would soon come attacking you, as they can smell the kill. Further, being afraid or scared cause bees to be attracted to you as your fear emits chemicals that attract bees. Similarly, excessive sweating also attracts bees. As a precaution, never feel scared if you come across a bee or locate a bee nest near your garden. It is always best to use an effective bee repellent to keep yourself protected.  


You can try an herbal bee repellent made of tea tree oil. This repellent consists of tea tree oil and benzaldehyde. Combination of these two ingredients proves repulsive for bees and they therefore stay away. Alternatively, you can try other commercially available repellents for bees. 


Another herbal remedy to keep off bees includes a combination of lemongrass, peppermint oil, and citronella. Most herbal bee repellents are safe for use on children and pets. Ideally, you should use such repellents on collars, hair, wrists, and sock tops.  


Although a bee repellent can successfully ward off bees, yet you can take few precautions if venturing near bees. Wear light colored and smooth textured clothing, as bees are attracted towards dark colored and rough clothing. Do not wear any woolens or leather clothing as these irritate bees and they attack you. 


Insecticide is another effective bee repellent. If you locate bee nests, inject insecticide around nest entrance specifically at night. Further, do not flash any light at nest entrance as this could aggravate bees. Use red cellophane on your flashlight as bees cannot see red light. Put two tablespoons of insecticide dust into a dry and empty liquid detergent bottle. Shake the bottle lightly and squeeze it at nest opening. Normally, this proves effective within two or three days. If need be, you can repeat the process after two or three days. 


A bee repellent is also available as a spray. Often such sprays are environment-friendly and you can use the sprays around your garden without any fear of any toxic barrier that could affect children or pets. Sprays prove effective for a height of more than ten feet. Most bee repellents are biodegradable and have a pleasant odor. Further, their potency remains intact for many weeks and hence proves very economical. 


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