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Repel Garden Pests And Make Your Landscaping Project A Success

Landscaping is pretty good because it brings color, beauty and depth to your home. However, if it is done without proper garden pest control or regular maintenance, your landscaping with its damp soil and an abundance of food supply could give way to a breeding ground for all types of garden pests and parasites that could ultimately destroy your landscaping itself. Hence it is really important that you know how to repel garden pests.


   Garden pest repellents


Garden pest control for insects, especially mosquitoes:

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water and puddles of water; and thrive and multiply under moist conditions. Although there are many mosquito repellents and exterminators in the market, some of which contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment, pets and sometimes even to human beings. A mosquito magnet is different although that also releases a gas (harmless) that simulates the human breath to mosquitoes that are thus attracted to the magnet where they are dehydrated to death. But it is always better to concentrate on preventive garden pest control measures rather than on curing measures:

  • Fill up any pools or puddles of stagnant water
  • Get rid of items that collect water like old tires, empty cans, unused dishes and birdbath kept for pets etc.
  • Check aquatic plants regularly, and if necessary locate a mosquito magnet close by.
  • Put live fish in any ponds. They eat up mosquito larvae preventing breeding.
  • Use an electric or a manual sprayer for watering your garden so that the soil surface remains relatively dry over longer periods.
  • Keep bird food out on your lawn to encourage birds into your garden, which would relish  exterminating most of the insect type pests for you.

Garden Pest Control for Animals:

Most gardens containing a lot of plant life attract animal pests such as rodents who eat up and cause considerable damage to your plants and crops. However, in some States and regions, killing of animals is strictly prohibited and illegal. So the best option you have is to prevent their entry rather than a policy of “shoot on sight”. There are a few simple ways to prevent or discourage the entry of destructive rodents like rabbits, moles and hedgehogs to your garden:

  • Ensure that your fencing does not allow enough space through wire netting or whatever material it is made of for even very small animals like moles and hedgehogs to wriggle through.
  • All rodents are quite expert at burrowing tunnels big enough for them to enter your land from under the bottom level of your fence. A concrete wall about 2 feet deep right round your garden could prevent these animals burrowing their way to your garden under the fence.
  • Ensure that you don’t keep hiding places in your garden where these rodents could hide themselves and cause damage stealthily. Cut the tall grass to a reasonable height and weed out all wild shrubs and bushes.
  • Employ some scaring garden pest control devices like scarecrows, sounding devices that blare out gunshot sounds at random intervals. Light some firecrackers occasionally.

Organic Garden Pest Control

In extreme cases, there are some organic products such as insecticidal soap, horticultural oil, neem oil and seeds of plants such as Pyrethrims that could be easily obtained which can be mixed in certain proportions to make compounds strong enough to repel garden pests while leaving humans and the environment unharmed.

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