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Pest Control with Electronic Repellents

Most repellents make use of toxic chemicals to get rid of pests. If you want to avoid exposure to any toxic elements, use electronic repellents as means of electronic pest control. These electronic repellents can prove effective on almost all types of pests and thereby ensure a safe environment for you, your family, and pets. Devices offering electronic pest control are gaining immense popularity.

 Electronic repellents

Types of Electronic Repellents

There are various electronic pest control measures for combating pest nuisances. You can make use of specific electronic repellents to tackle problems caused by any category of pests. Electronic pest control could be through electromagnetic or ultrasonic devices. These pest repellents make use of electromagnetic fields, high-pitched sounds beyond audible range of humans, and similar features to evade pests. These sounds and vibrations confuse pests and make them feel uncomfortable. They therefore leave the place immediately.

Ultrasonic Electronic Repellents

Moles and rodents cause immense havoc in your garden. Make use of electronic repellents like a sonic pest control device in the ground. The high decibel noise would prove too much for the rodents and they will evacuate immediately. Another way of keeping away rodents and moles from your house is by creating an electromagnetic field around your house. This system sends shifting signals through the wiring system of your house and provide effective electronic pest control.

Ultraviolet Bug Zappers

Another effective electronic pest control device is Ultraviolet bug zappers. These zappers prove able electronic repellents as they use ultraviolet rays to attract flying insects within and kill them with high-voltage current. Different zappers offer different levels of protection from dust mites, bacteria, and other pests.

Subsonic Electronic Repellents

If you want to make use of electronic repellents to control ants, use subsonic electronic pest control devices. These devices produce low-pitched sounds that could be too low for human audibility but prove extremely effective against ants. These insects are unable to bear such sound vibrations and therefore leave the area immediately.

Effectiveness of Electronic Pest Control Devices

Most electronic pest control devices offer a safe alternative to chemical sprays and pest repellents. These electronic repellents are safe to use and prove extremely environment-friendly. You do not have to inhale obnoxious fumes of chemicals or deal with dead carcasses of rodents and other pests.

Most electronic pest control devices are very effective although often there are many doubts regarding their efficacy. As these electronic repellents make use of high frequency sounds and vibrations to ward off pests, sometimes pests get used to these disturbances and yet remain in place. However, you can overcome this deficiency of such repellents by making regular changes in decibel levels or other magnetic vibrations of repellents.

Although technological breakthroughs and advancements are helping evolve various new and more effective electronic pest control devices, yet there are few complaints against such electronic repellents. Some complain about temporary effectiveness of such repellents as rodents and other pests come back after little time. Before making any purchase, it is best to check if the product is available with a buy-back guarantee. In that case, you can return the product if you do not find it effective enough.

Few electronic pest control devices can cause harm to your pets within the house. The electromagnetic waves or sound vibrations used in electronic repellents could disturb your pets. These waves and vibrations sometimes affect your telephone systems, burglar alarms, and people using hearing aids. Therefore, select proper and suitable electronic device to combat your pest problem.


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