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5 Safe Ways to Repel Cats

While cats may make great pets, stray cats make inconsiderate and unwanted house guests, making you wish you had a way to repel cats efficiently and quickly. They get into gardens, leave droppings on outdoor furniture, and hiss at those within a ten foot radius. 

Stray cats may be the cutest unwanted visitors that have visited your home, you still want a way to repel cats from your property, so that you do not have to worry about stepping in their waste or replanting plants in your garden.

   Cat repellents

Methods of Deterring Cats

Unlike many methods of removing other animals from your yard, which are limited to a select few that irritate the cats enough to get them to leave your property, there are actually a number of different types of cat repellents as well as cat deterrents that have been known to keep the cats away from your home.

Water Sprays

One method of cat repellent is known as a Scarecrow Water Spray. Cats despite getting wet, so these water sprays repel cats by squirting them with a high blast of water whenever they enter the spray’s radius.

Scented Cat Repellent (“Shake Away”)

Another way to repel cats is with an organic powder that has the scent of the urine of predators. These repellents are safe for humans and plants, and by placing them in and around your house or garden, cats remain frightened of entering your hard and choose to travel elsewhere.

Catnip Plants

An interesting way to repel cats is to find them a place off the property to roost. One way to do this is to find a corner of a lawn far away from your property and plant a catnip plant. This is a useful way to remove cats that have already decided to make your house their home, but only if you have an area you can place that catnip that is far enough away from your property that they will leave you alone.


Not all forms of cat repellent need to be clever. Buy yourself a dog and let it roam in the backyard and there is a good chance that the cats will stay away. You may have to pick up their poop as well, but at least you will know where it is.

Ultrasonic Animal Repellents

There are electronic ways to repel cats as well. Ultrasonic animal repellents emit high frequency noises that bother small animals (including cats, rats, deer and bats). These ultrasonic devices are not meant for those that have pets of their own, but are very effective at repelling cats from your property and keeping them away.

Cat Deterrents

Cats are proud creatures, and often deterring them simply involves irritating them to the point where they want to travel elsewhere. Whether you use some type of ultrasonic device or a water spray, you do not want to choose a method that will harm these cats – rather, you want the felines to simply find a new home elsewhere, hopefully with someone that will be able and willing to take care of them.

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