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Scents as a Moth Repellent

Why is it important to know good moth repellents? Because moths are some of the most irritating creatures to have inside of your home. They eat your clothes, fly in your face, give birth in your food, and no matter how many you kill they still keep coming back. Getting rid of moths can be exceedingly difficult, which is why preventing moths from desiring your home is one of the best ways to make sure they do not become a regular occurrence in your home.

Moth Repellents

Most moth repellents that you buy in the store are sprays that are meant to repel bats from clothing and dark areas. They are effective, but rarely made of organic ingredients and often cannot be sprayed around food, which is one of the places that most often seem to attract their caterpillars.


There are also moth traps that slowly release moth pheromones. These pheromones actually attract moths, but those moths are then trapped inside of a little box until they are no longer a problem. As long as the traps are placed in areas far away from windows, they will not attract any outdoor moths and are a fairly effective way to remove moths when they have already begun breeding inside of your home.

Store bought moth repellents work fairly well, but because of their limitations, it is often difficult to cover every corner of the house. Luckily, moths have a unique feature that makes them easier to keep out of the nooks and crannies of your household: Moths do not like to live in areas with strong smells.

Scents that Deter Moths

The most interest aspect of the scents that many of them are used to perfume people’s houses as it is. For example, one of the most effective types of smells is lavender. Many people use lavender scented oils and candles to fill up their houses anyway.

In addition, other common smells like patchouli and clove are both able to deter moths from laying eggs in the areas of your house. By placing them every five feet or so around your home, you can make your home smell better as well as keep the little pests away.

Deterrent, Not Removal

While these smells work as moth repellents, they do not kill moths or drive them out of the homes they may have already made. They also do not work on moth caterpillars, so if the moths have already laid eggs you will need to remove them another way before you attempt to use these smells as a deterrent.

Still, everyone tries to get their homes to smell better regardless of whether or not they expect to have a moth problem. By simply placing those positive scents in areas of the house that are prone to moth infestations, you can use those strong smells in order to deter moths from moving into your home. The end result is a nicer smelling house, and fabrics that have not been eaten by irritating flying creatures that are unwelcome in your home. 

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