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Ticks Control with Efficient Tick Repellents

Ticks are common in places of thick vegetation and you would require tick repellents to safeguard your pets and yourself from tick bites. Ticks are small and soft-bodied creatures that suck your blood once they attach to your skin. Tick bites could prove dangerous if unnoticed or left untreated. Ideally, preventing tick bites by using a tick repellent is the best way out.


Controlling Ticks 


Tick bites can cause serious illnesses like Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Anaplasmosis, Tick Associated Rash Illness, Babesiosis, and Monocytic Ehrlichoisis. Ticks can sometimes cause a deadly disease, Lyme Disease, leading to arthritis and severe nervous disorder. If you notice symptoms of any of these diseases, seek immediate medical attention. Therefore, always use tick repellents before venturing into forests or other tick-infested regions. 


 Tick repellents


A very simple tick repellent is using an insect repellent with DEET. Make liberal use of DEET insect repellent all over your hands and legs even if they are fully covered with clothing. Spray a little on your hair. Be very particular about protecting your back, your neck and at backside of your neck with such tick repellent as ticks normally lodge more at such places. 


If you want to keep off tick population, tick repellent can definitely prove useful. At the same time, prevent growth of tick population by keeping your lawns mowed and perfectly trimmed without any presence of tall grasses, brushes, or weeds. Ticks do not normally dwell on short grasses. 


Very common carriers of ticks into your home are your pet dogs and cats. It is therefore essential to check your pets for any ticks every time they return indoors after venturing in the open. Nevertheless, use any tick repellent on your pets like a tick collar, treating your pets with chemicals like Sevin, Ficam, and Dursban, Feeding garlic pills daily, or giving your pet a thorough bath using preventive tick repellents. 


If you are wary of using any tick repellent on your skin, try alternative techniques of combating ticks. Always dress in full clothing like wearing a complete ensemble of socks, enclosed shoes, hat, full shirt, long trousers, and gloves before going into woods or doing any gardening. You need to spray tick repellent on clothes and other accessories before wearing them. Choose to wear light-colored clothes as you can then clearly see any tick crawling on your clothing. 


Another effective tick repellent is Permethrin, an insecticide derived from flowers. Apply this repellent all over your body but avoid using on face. Also, do not ingest it. A similar tick repellent is citronella oil. This herbal mix also keeps away ticks effectively. 


Another herbal tick repellent is rose geranium oil. This oil repellent is commonly used on humans and pet dogs. Palmerosa oil is also an effective repellent for ticks. However, many prefer not using these repellents on pet cats. You can apply few drops of these repellents on your dog’s collar to keep away ticks. Other natural solutions to tick problems are applying moisturizing lotions like aloe or cocoa butter on your skin. 


You can try making a tick repellent. Mix two tablespoons of almond oil, nut oil, or vegetable oil with ten to twenty-five drops of Rose Geranium oil or Palmerosa oil in a glass jar. Shake well to allow perfect blending. Dab few drops on your skin or clothing to keep away ticks. Avoid applying mixture on or anywhere close to eyes. This mixture has a shelf life of six months.


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