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The Many Methods Of Pigeon Control – Choosing Your Pigeon Repellent

Pigeon populations in some cities have been multiplying at an alarming rate bringing in its wake many socio-economic-medical-health hazards. However, many city authorities are now stepping up integrated programs of pigeon control targeted at suppressing the pigeon population explosion.

Private property owners too could rid themselves of a growing big headache by applying some of these pigeon repellent methods as described below that have already achieved successful results for many others.


      Pigeon repellents


Live Traps to Get Rid of Pigeons

The mechanics of this pigeon control scheme are that initially you prepare a certain area for collection of a large number of pigeons by providing food for a few days as bait to get pigeons to come over there. Next step is to install a pigeon trap there by leaving the doors open so that the pigeons can get used to freely walking in and out of the trap. Then you set it such that the pigeon repellent trap doors will close trapping some pigeons inside it as a ruse to attract other pigeons. Ensure that you leave some water beforehand for the pigeons that are to be trapped.  These traps are called pigeon motels and are not only the cheapest to implement than most other methods, but it has also proved to be the most effective scheme of pigeon control in some urban areas.

Exclusion of Pigeons From Their Normal Roosting Sites

This is just a matter of finding the usual roosting places of pigeons and barring them from entering inside those eaves, lofts and other places where they roost by covering them with bird netting or with the use of pigeon repellent wire mesh fencing made of stainless steel. When their usual roosting places are all barred from entry, the existing pigeon population here would have to move on seeking another group elsewhere to join and establish a larger colony there, thus relieving you of your headache. Although this pigeon control method is comparatively slightly expensive, it is nevertheless one of the most effective deterrents to their increasing rate of population growth.

Bird Strips

This pigeon control scheme comprises essentially of installing spikes at pre-determined spacing intervals on rooftops to primarily prevent new pigeons from gradually getting used to the location by initially perching on the rooftop with their clans. Secondly, if pigeons are already roosting somewhere in the building, you can frustrate them by preventing any landing space on the rooftop with the installation of pigeon repellent spikes so as to make it impossible for a pigeon to perch on spikes and stay comfortably for any appreciable length of time. When they are thus prevented from any landing facilities hitherto enjoyed by them, they get frustrated and would start seeking other places to relocate and roost in fair comfort. So either way, installation of spikes or quite aptly named as strips on rooftops and any other possible perching areas over ground level is a good scheme for discouraging growth and expansion of any pigeon communities at the site compelling them to move off and disappear from that site.

If you are considering any form of chemical pigeon control over the menace of expanding pigeon populations, you may go for Bird-X bird repellant, which is also endorsed by the Audubon Society. It is quite popular and has made a made name for itself as an effective pigeon repellent.


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