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Easy to Make Homemade Repellents

If ants are causing a nuisance in your kitchen shelves, place a cucumber peel to ward them off. The bitter the cucumber peel, the more effective it is as an ant repellent. Make a mixture of soapy water and fill it in any old spray bottle. Spraying it directly on the ants can dispel ants from your home. Sprinkle cinnamon around the areas ants normally come through. You would be soon free of ants. Planting peppermint around your house is a natural way of keeping away ants. Try any of these homemade repellents to get rid of ants in your house.

 Homemade repellents

Pests normally invade your potted plants and your garden. Simple homemade repellents can get rid of all pests and keep your plants healthy and beautiful. Mix one-tablespoon liquid dishwashing soap with a cup of mineral or cooking oil. Mix three tablespoons of this mixture into a quart of clean water. Spray this to get rid of pests. Alternatively, marinate orange, lemon, or grapefruit rinds in water for few days and sprinkle this water on plants as effective pest repellents.

A natural way of getting rid of fleas is to place a wide and shallow pan of soapy water in the area infested with fleas. You should shine a lamp over the water and fleas would jump towards heat of the lamp and fall into the water. Fleas cannot jump out due to presence of soapy detergent. Other homemade repellents for fleas include applying cedar oil, lavender oil, and other herbal oils around ears and neck of your pets.

Mosquitoes are a common menace across any part of the world. Make use of simple homemade repellents to keep away mosquitoes. Catnip oil is very effective against mosquitoes. Apply the oil liberally on your hands and legs. Apply crushed basil leaves on your exposed areas and mosquitoes will stay away from you. Use Feverfew herb on your exposed skin and allow it to dry naturally. This protects you against mosquito bites. Crushed garlic is a very effective insecticide. Soak finely chopped garlic in an ounce of mineral oil for two days. Strain and add few drops of dishwashing liquid. Dilute this with water and spray on plants to keep away mosquitoes, as garlic is a natural pesticide against mosquito larvae.

All homemade repellents are free of chemicals and therefore do not cause any health problems. Mix one tablespoon of Dettol (also called parachlorometaxylenol, or PCMX) and four tablespoons of baby oil and apply on skin to keep off mosquitoes or other small flying insects. Mix a tablespoon of vanilla extract in a cup of water and apply to your skin as a mosquito repellent.

You can also keep a small quantity of this mixture in an open container. The smell of this liquid would keep away all flies, mosquitoes, and gnats. Rubbing little bit of plain alcohol on your hands and legs can keep you free of any insect bites.

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